Playground Vote

Proposed Site:

REMINDER: ONLY ONE VOTE PER HOUSEHOLD (Check with your spouse before voting)

Additional Information:
  • Insurance fees will NOT go up due to the playground.  
  • Landscaping fees WILL go up, but the price has yet to be determined (based on final layout and mulching requirements).  
  • Even if the community votes yes, the final plan needs to be presented to Mantua Township and approved by a special zoning comittee.  
Will there be a dues increase?
  • In the short term?  No - the decision to move forward with the playground is not directly tied to an immediate dues increase.  BUT consider the following...
  • The playground will consume about 1/3 of available association funds. 
  • The community raises about $26,000 per year in dues.  Our current expenses are about $24,500 per year.  
  • It would take 26 years to recover the costs of the playground at our current fee structure.